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Inverters are a vital part of the solar system installation. They turn the DC power produced by solar panels into AC power used by your home and appliances.

It’s important to use good quality inverters – it’s where most faults in solar installations occur if substandard products are used.

At HV Solar, we’ve saved you the hassle of doing your own research. We’ve already selected the best technology and can recommend the solar inverters that will be ideal for your job.

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A solar system needs an inverter to turn the DC energy from solar panels into electricity called AC energy. This standard electrical power can be used for all household needs.Simply put, if we consider the overall solar system as a human body, then solar inverters will be the heart.We know solar panels are the main reason for generating energy. However, the conversion of DC energy to AC energy is the most important and laborious process. So, without a doubt or argument, the invert is the most important component of the solar system.

We at HV Solar offer branded and top-quality solar inverters that work effectively and last longer than you estimated. We have a technical team that is responsible for adding solar inverters to solar panels without any errors. Installing solar inverters is tricky and risky, but you can trust us since we are experienced solar installers. If you are searching for the best solar inverter service in Newcastle, your search will end with us. Why don’t you keep scrolling down to learn more about our services?

There are different types of solar inverters available on the market. You have complete freedom in choosing the right solar inverters according to the load. The following are the various solar inverters. 

  • Battery Inverters

  • Central Inverters

  • Hybrid Inverters

  • Microinverters

  • String inverters

If you want to know what type of solar inverter is suitable for your home electricity needs, contact one of our solar installers. He will explain the information about the inverts that you need.

Solar panels convert the energy of the sun into a current, but inverters are the prime reason for converting that current into useful electricity, communicating with the grid, and detecting problems that degrade entire solar systems. Here we are compiling some of the top benefits that inverters possess. 

  • Increase energy production: solar inverters are responsible for monitoring the voltage of solar arrays in order to maximise the amount of solar energy produced by solar panels. Solar inverters assist in creating the cleanest electricity possible.
  • Monitoring system output: Inverters have performance tracking features that allow us to find out how your solar system components are performing. It is very interesting to observe how and what amount of electricity your solar panels generate during sunny days or in summer. This can be done with inverters.

Identifying any problems with your system components: Solar system components will have problems due to poor maintenance, ageing, and improper electrical wiring. Even a small issue with any one of the components will lead to overall solar system spoilage. Solar inverters will detect it before it becomes a big issue.

Before we convince you why you should choose us over others, here we are listing what a perfect solar inverter looks like. Check them out below. 

  • Choose the sine wave inverter as it minimises heating and maximises longevity.
  • Choose the inverter that best suits the load.
  • The inverter you select should draw very little power from the grid.
  • Always go with branded solar inverters 


What if we say that our solar interval has all the characteristics that we mentioned above? To get the most effective solar inverter, contact us.

HV Solar is one of the most trustworthy and reputable solar inverter suppliers. In addition to delivering inverters, we also do solar inverter repairs. We have the best team that explains to you the well-suited solar inverter for your solar panel system. Feel free to contact us for further information.