Solar King Solar Roof Ventilation Systems

HV Solar is an authorised agent for SolarKing Ventilation Fans. These clever fans extract the dry, hot air in the roof space making your home much cooler and also making a big difference to your indoor comfort level.

If you’ve ever been in your roof during summer, you know just how hot the space can get. The sun beats down on the roof surface and heats up the stagnant air. Insulation can only do so much. The SolarKing unit pulls air in from outside, forcing the cooler air to move through the roof space and then pushes the stale air out. During summer months it can reduce the temperature in a roof by as much as 30 degrees.

These units are proven to be 20 times more effective that a traditional whirlybird. Plus, during the cooler months, the thermostatic control of the SolarKing Exhaust Fan prevents heat loss and retains much needed warmth unlike whirlybirds that continue to run.

These units are powered by solar so there are no running costs and by reducing your roof temperature, your reliance on air conditioning will reduce which lowers your electricity bills. The brushless DC motor reduces noise and assures a long life.  We’ve installed a stack of these solar ventilation units because they really do make a difference.

solar ventilation system
solar kings wirl bird