Our Solar Pumps

We sell and install a range of pumps supplied by Shervey (sherveysolarpumps.com) who are based in Gin Gin near Bundaberg. They have been designing and manufacturing solar powered pumps for Australian farmers and industry since 2006. Shervey source the very best components from around the world and build their systems in Australia for Australian conditions.  They choose products first for their proven reliability then for their value for money. At HV Solar, we’ve found Shervey to provide the best value for money based on performance and reliability. If you own a farm, no matter the size or the type of water transference you frequently undertake, we have the right solar powered pump and battery system for you. Whether you need to irrigate around the clock in warmer months or just need to get water to your stock once a day, we can install a system that will slash your diesel  and/or electricity costs and can even be operated and monitored remotely saving you valuable time on operating pumps and inspecting water flow.  


25% rebate on solar pumps for graziers! In February 2019 the NSW Government has announced a generous rebate to fund one-off rebates to eligible primary producers for the costs associated with the purchase and installation of on-farm water infrastructure that addresses animal welfare needs and improves resilience to drought. This rebate applies to the purchase and installation of water infrastructure for livestock including water pumps and associated power supply, including solar. The rebate is 25 per cent of the cost (purchase, delivery and labour) to engage a supplier to install water infrastructure for animal welfare needs. The maximum that can be claimed is $25,000 per farm. To apply for this rebate, you must be a property owner, share-farmer or lessee in the grazing industry (sole trader, partnership, trust or private company) and your farm has, or is at risk of, an animal welfare need. This is especially relevant to properties where water is currently being carted or about to be carted onto your property to supply livestock where water supply has run out or your property could be reasonably expected to run out of water. It can also be used to help ensure that stock water is available in the future during adverse seasonal conditions. For info on the NSW Government farm water infrastructure rebate call HV Solar today on 4017 1181.