Renewables For All

Local family owned business

Grew up in housing commission, hard to pay bills, had power disconnected multiple times – Now I’m personally dedicated to help financially challenged people cut their power bills down.

Solar panel installation

Quick stats

increasing power prices vs average rising incomes

From 2003 – 2013 the average household cost for electricity went up by 73% which averages to a 7.3% increase per year, where the average wage in Australia increases by 1.6% per year

Solar affordability for people in assisted housing

Average solar system price is $4,990. Recent polling suggests that the average working family only had $7,200 in savings and 1 in 10 had only $90. This leaves a huge gap in society for people wanting and being able to afford to decrease their bills.

Increase in prices because of decrease in revenue

24.6% of NSW homes already have solar, which means 24.6% of the energy provider market has decreased in revenue. This has forced energy retailers to increase prices, which greatly effects families with low incomes

HV SOLAR understands that low income families would love to cut their power bills but that the ability to buy a system is hard. That’s why we have launched the ‘Renewables For All’ program.

Our Aim

To work with government entities and public housing to be able to supply Solar system to low income families

Our first focus is to help our indigenous communities by installing solar systems and also employing local indigenous community members to carry out these works

Then we would like to help throughout all assisted housing communities.