How Have Solar Panels Improved Over 10 Years?

Solar panels were invented over a hundred years ago, but their use in homes and offices is relatively new. Over the decades, they have become more efficient and cost-effective. Let’s look at the improvements and how you can use solar panels in your Newcastle property.

The Improvements In Solar Panels

The first solar cells, in the late 1800s, only generated about 1% efficiency. In mid 20th century, solar cells could produce nearly 7% efficiency. Contemporary panels are up to 30% efficient, with homes getting up to 21% efficiency. Solar panels in the near future are expected to produce 46%.

Solar panel costs are reducing by 5% annually and efficiency is increasing ‒ double win.

The Cost Reductions In Solar Panels

Using solar panels has reduced costs as well as raw material price reductions, has a more efficient design, requires less wiring, less installation hardware and far less installation labour.

Micro-inverters can convert the energy current of individual panels, which improves the efficiency rate of the whole setup.

Battery efficiencies and effectiveness have also soared. Tesla’s Powerwall system is a market-leading option.

New Solar Panel Materials Introduced

Silicon panels have been replaced by cadmium telluride cells following breakthrough research in 2016. This will improve efficiencies and drive down costs.

The Future Of Solar Panels

Solar panels technology has been around for over a hundred and twenty years, but we have only been able to effectively harvest the sun’s power over the past ten years. The design and research teams have revolutionised solar power for the homeowners of Newcastle.

As the importance, benefits and planet-saving factors of solar energy become more deeply entrenched in every property owner’s mind, the demand and innovation will increase.

Switching To Solar Energy

When the time comes for a homeowner to switch to solar, they are now spoilt for choice. You can find the top solar installers, benefit from incentives and rebates, superior materials and greater energy storage capacity. The cost-benefit line of switching to solar was crossed years ago, as legacy energy systems have become more and more expensive for each household, commercial and industrial businesses and cities.

From solar panels for lighting and low amp power needs to solar pipe heating for pools, there’s a solution for any property that will slash your monthly energy bill and save the planet.

Start saving on energy bills with solar panels in Newcastle while you’re saving the planet. Contact HV Solar today for a free quote!

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