How Solar Systems Help You Use The Power Of The Sun

Here’s the thing about green energy. To the layman (everyday, ordinary people that don’t spend all their time thinking about fancy new ways to power a lightbulb), the thought of green, eco-friendly, renewable energy can get a little overwhelming. There’s so much of it around these days. There’s solar energy, tidal energy, geothermal energy, and even wind power! While most of these energy sources require vast resources even to harness them, there’s something a little different about the humble solar system. If you’re looking to install solar systems in your Newcastle properties, here are the basics on how to get started.

What Is A Solar System?

A basic solar system comprises four parts: a solar panel, a charge controller, a battery, and an inverter. Each of these parts is vital to a functional and efficient solar system.

The Solar Panel

The solar panel is the basic foundation of any solar system. It’s made up of about 60 voltaic cells that catch the sunlight and convert it into energy. These cells are delicate and thus are put in a protective casing to form a panel. The panel itself is often ringed with metal to protect it and assist with transportation and installation.

The Charge Controller

The Sun emits a lot of energy. Every second, the Earth is blasted with sunlight, which fuels all life on earth. This energy hits differently wherever you live. In Newcastle (which is generally a sunny city), it’s estimated that a 1 kWh solar panel can produce just over 4 kWh worth of electricity a day. All that technical talk means that Newcastle is just about the best place to invest in solar energy.

The charge controller takes all that power and regulates it so that it can be stored in modern batteries. At the risk of being technical again, the energy the solar panels harness from the sun is the wrong voltage to be stored in a battery, so the controller converts it into storable electricity.

The Battery

A decent solar system should have enough battery capacity to store enough power to last for several days without needing to be charged.

The Inverter

The Inverter is another power converter. It takes power from the batteries and converts it into power that our lights, computers and other electrical devices can use. Most inverters come with a backup that allows the house to fall back on the national power grid should a fault in the system occur.

Solar systems are great. They save money and the environment and, should the scientists be believed, they may very well save the world one day. For more information on installing solar systems in your Newcastle property, contact HV Solar today.

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