Is My Roof Strong Enough For A Solar Panel Installation?

Now that you have decided to install a solar system for your home, you will be sure to have some fundamental questions that need to be answered. One of the most frequently asked questions to solar panel installation companies is around the strength of a roof to sustain the weight of the solar panels. The good news is that most roofs are more than adequate to support a solar panel installation. However, before you go ahead, consider these pointers.

The Weight And Size Of An Average Solar Panel

Different manufacturers and models mean that there will be a range of weights of solar panels.  However, the weight range would typically be somewhere between 20 – 25kg. The approximate dimensions are around 2 metres long by 1 metre wide. The weight distribution over this reasonably large surface area means that the weight per square metre of the panel is relatively low and will not place too much stress on any roofing structure.

Get Professional Advice

Your roof will need to be inspected by an architect, structural engineer, roofing expert or experienced solar panel installer. The current state and age of your roof will be considered, and a recommendation will be made. If you are currently experiencing any problems with your roof, you would be well advised to have these resolved before your solar panel installation.

Impact On The Roof

Panels installed according to industry-standard specifications will not damage your roof. Most types of roofs are suitable for installations, and the type will be considered when selecting the most appropriate installation method.

Installed panels will float just above the roof’s surface and effectively shield it from the elements. So, in fact, they may have the effect of extending the lifespan of your roof.

If your roof is currently under warranty, you should consider contacting your roofing company to confirm that the solar installation does not impact this warranty.

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