What Makes Solar Panels So Special

Interestingly, elements and exploration into solar and solar panels have been around since the 1800s, but only in the 1970s were they marketed to the general public. In theory, its name suggests they’re pretty simple to understand. Everyone knows that dark colours heat up better than light ones, so why not put big black plates on your roof and turn that heat into energy? And if your two-year-old wants to know why there are big panels on the roof, that’s probably the way you would explain it to them, but there’s so much more behind solar panels. So if you’re in the Newcastle area and want to know just how solar panels can help you save the world (and your wallet), then you’ve come to the right place.

What Are Solar Panels?

Solar panels are made up of dozens of little cells called photovoltaic cells that catch sunlight and convert them into energy. These cells are usually made up of mostly silicon (which is one of the most abundant resources on Earth) and are very delicate. So to protect them, they are covered in a clear protective shell and placed in a panel. Thus, the solar panel was born.

Solar panels have been around for decades, and when they first appeared, they were used to help steam engines produce energy. Since then, they’ve had a variety of uses, ranging from calculators to satellites.

The whys and hows behind solar panels are a little technical. They involve atoms shedding their electrons into electromagnetic fields, creating energy that the cells harness to power whatever your solar panel is hooked up to. It’s all scientific jargon that scientists say to explain how solar panels work, but in the end, all we need to know is that they do work and that they work well.

Why Investing In Solar Panels Is A Smart Move

Newcastle, in particular, is a very good place to set up a solar panel. Newcastle is generally a sunny place, and scientists estimate that a 1 kWh solar pane can generate over 4 kWh’s of electricity a day! That’s energy you can’t be billed for, and it’s stored safely in a battery, ready for when you need it.

Of course, setting up a solar panel can be a little daunting at first. You can’t just put a panel on your roof, connect it to your mains and be ready to go. Harnessing the power of the sun takes a little more preparation than that.

You need four basic, widely available things to ensure that your solar panel works properly. You need a solar panel, a charge controller (which converts the solar energy into storable power), some batteries (to store that power), and an inverter (which converts that stored power into usable energy). The expert team at HV Solar will advise you on the best system for your residential or commercial property and manage the installation.

Ready to start your solar panels journey in Newcastle? For more information and to start the process, contact us today.

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